Egg Muffin Bacon Cups

**The bacon I use is uncured and natural, I usually choose the types with no extra additives listed in on the label**

=2 Eggs makes enough for 4 bacon cups=


1 Strip of Bacon per Bacon Cup (Uncooked)

1/2 Egg Per Bacon Cup

Cheese (to taste)

Kale (to taste, I chopped it up in a food processor)

1/4 Chicken Sausage (Cooked and chopped into small peices)

Onion (to taste)

Garlic (to taste)

Pesto (to taste)

Coconut Oil, Ghee, Or Coconut Butter for greasing the muffin pan


Pre-heat oven to 350Degrees

Grease some of the muffin cups and line a piece of bacon on the inside of a cup

Mix up the eggs and other ingredients you wish to put inside your muffin cup

Pour the egg mixture into the bacon lined muffin cup

Put into the oven for 30 minutes


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