This blog is a journal to my healthy cooking experiments in college as I post the recipes I found online and tried myself or ones that I make up.  I mainly follow and mix paleo, grain-free, and gluten-free diets but do not strictly adhere to them.  For instance, I still enjoy quinoa, greek yogurt, and cheese even though they are not considered paleo.  I really enjoy making baked goods as I am a huge sweet-tooth but I also love finding different ways of making meals without wheat or processed foods.

My everyday foods are avocados, almonds, coconut products, eggs, spinach, and kale.  Here are the typical meals I eat.

Breakfast~ eggs, spinach or kale, and other veggies like onions or zucchini with organic green tea

Snack~ carrots, celery, lettuce wraps, and almonds; drip coffee or with almond milk

Lunch~ huge salad with kale and spinach, tomatoes, avocado, meat (canned salmon or tuna for a quick fix), parmesan, fruit (sometimes), lemon juice, and olive oil

Dinner~ Meat or fish (wild caught Alaskan salmon is my favorite), veggies (onions, brussel sprouts, kale), carbs (sweet potato, squash, quinoa)

Dessert~ Homemade goods, dark chocolate (yummm)


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